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Registered and unregistered passport of all countries.visas,biometric passport,degrees,drivers license,I.D cards.Training certificates M GCSE, A-levels,

Established in 2001,DNC is Study Abroad and Immigration Consultancy firm that provides Citizenship, Visit Visa & Study Abroad services in Canada, Europe, UK, USA and other countries.DNC highly Experienced Immigration Professionals are available to Evaluate your Eligibility, and to Guide you throughout your Immigration Process.
Short information of our services below
PRO Services
• New Trade License
• Trade License Renewal
• Changing Partner
• Adding activity
• Dubai Economic Department
• Legalization of documents from Courts

Visa Services
• Employment Visa
• Family Visa
• Maid (Domestic Servant) Visa
• Mission visa

Legal Documents Services offered all countries worldwide.
.driving License
.id card
.green card
.social security number
.health documents
.marriage and divorce documents
.all types of diplomas,university degrees,phd,masters etc.

For more details please mail us:
General support:documentsconsultants@gmail.com
Contact e-mails:kenhiner600@yahoo.co.uk
Skype : kenhiner600
+27603753451 (WHATSAPP)

Immigration Expert


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